5 Things I Bet You Never Considered About Expired Domains

Is buying expired domains a trend now? You bet it is – and for a good reason, there are a lot of benefits from using an expired domain. Are you blogging or working with search engine optimization? These factors will influence your choice of whether the domain expired is good or not.

  1. Anchors

This is reason number one that would give your domain relevancy. You must, obviously, do a backlink check and find out what is the most common anchor text used for this expired domain name. Now, the trick is to find an anchor that is not overly optimized yet relevant to the keyword or topic you need. Hint: Avoid foreign languages and symbols (if any) in the anchor text.

  1. Backlinks

This is pretty much the main thing to consider when looking for expired domains. So, don’t even consider to buy a certain domain without doing a research on it’s backlink profile.

This research will expose the true face of the expired domain, spam links will swim out on the surface and other negative traits that show if the domain is in bad condition. Another thing that you must look for is the authority profile and links from authority websites – if it has them, than it may be worth rescuing.


  1. Content

The king. Always be on the lookout for great content especially if is made or posted by the previous website owners where the domain was rooted.

You can do this by using the Wayback Machine software and it will provide you with everything that was previously hosted on the expired domain. This may be dirt or diamond, but if it’s good content than you may hit the jack pot.

  1. SPAM

There are a lot reasons why a domain got abandoned and expired. Using domains for spam or marked for spam is one of them. Make sure you do a proper research and check the spam score before purchasing an expired domain name.

You can use Open Site Explorer for this cause. Among the spam score, you can check the Domain Authority score as well – and having 25+ points is a good sign.

  1. Domain Age

Last, but not least. This is a huge factor that can improve your position on the SERPs, as older domains have higher domain authority than newly registered domains. So do your choirs, check the history of the expired domain you intend to buy.

These are the main things you must consider when getting an expired domain name, yet there are few others that have a smaller share in the effect. Have you bought your first expired domain yet?